The Kendricks // Hawkes Bay Wedding Photographer

Meet the Kendricks! Danelle is a full time Mum & a full time photographer just like me, and like all photographers we get too busy taking photos of everyone else and their families and tend to forget about our own! So when Danelle reached out to me to ask to capture memories for her wall I was more than happy to! Danelle & Josh’s boys are so adorable and adventurous, and boy did they make me work! Trying to get little kids to look at the camera, can be a touch challenge at times, but I am prepared to do what it takes to get them to smile and look at the camera, at least just for one photo… yes even if it means putting sea weed on my head to pretend it was my hair!! I did do that.. but It paid off , and sometimes you just have to let kids be kids, capture the moment they, and their gorgeous little reactions, how they seem so amazed by just the little things, I think we could learn more off kids these days, been around kids and nature I believe are so good for the soul as they bring us back down a level and remind us to appreciate all the little things in life. Danelle & Josh thanks for choosing me as your photographer I feel very honoured and privileged that you chose me to capture your long lasting memories for your wall. xx

Lisa Fisher